Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fried... Sweet Potatoes and My Brains!

I’m a person not prone to hatred. I think I’m very tolerant and in fact, have been blamed for being too placid and non-judgmental.
So I’m kind of shocked to be experiencing a strange emotion. Hatred. I have discovered that I hate judgmental people. I really hate people who always take the moral high ground and make judgments about others around them. “Would you please take a look inside your own homes?”, I feel like screaming. But no, that would make me petty and vindictive… and I would be judged again! So I just seethe and fume and sometimes shed a tear or two. Everyone has a secret life, everyone has things that they would not like the world to know… and people have no right to be critical about how someone chooses to lead his/her life. More often than not, these upholders of morality and deciders of right and wrong do not even have the full picture! And yet… they go about on their high horses destroying lives, complicating relationships and interfering in situations where they are so not welcome!
And then, they try and prove how they are right because after all, they had your best intentions at heart. Oh how noble! I think I’m going to choke with remorse and fall at your feet…not! And if we do not appreciate their interference and give them a piece of our mind, they are all hurt and filled with righteous anger. I mean really. Haven’t they heard of the adage ‘Eavesdroppers seldom hear anything good of themselves’? It’s the same theory. You poke your nose into someone else’s mess, then be prepared to come out smelling bad! Ermm…. You get the picture.

So yes, you must have figured out by now that I’m pretty pissed off. I have had too many such people around me of late and now I have sworn to myself that I’m just better off without them in my life. Because this hatred is filling me with a corroding anger, a bitterness that no amount of Dairy Milk chocolate can mask… And why should I suffer for someone else’s lack of ethics? Just because some people get a vicarious pleasure out of others’ problems and misery, doesn’t mean I should kill myself over it. So to hell with all of them!
And since I’m so fried with all this crap, today’s post is something that cheers me up… Sweet Potato Fries! And no deep-frying. How good can it get, right?

Sweet Potatoes – 2 large
Olive Oil
Cumin Powder
Pre heat the oven to 180C. Wash and peel the sweet potatoes. Make sure to dry them well otherwise the fries will turn out soggy. Cut them into uniform I/2 inch strips or fingers or wedges. Make sure the sizes don’t vary too much, otherwise the smaller fries will get burnt. Now toss the strips in liberal amounts of olive oil, salt and pepper. You can use any other spices of your choice if you want them to have some extra flavor. I sprinkled some dried oregano and cumin/jeera powder.
Now line a baking tray with aluminium foil. Place the fries on the tray without crowding them together. Let them bake for 10-12min. Take the tray out and use a pair of tongs to turn the fries over. Put the tray back in for another 10min.
You can use the same method to make regular potato fries too. The cooking time may differ a little, but overall shouldn’t take more than 20-30min.
Remove from oven, sprinkle some more salt or spice mix if needed and serve with a dip or just plain tomato ketchup.
The way I like it:
These fries are crisp, salty, sweet and so fulfilling! I love them with some garlic mayonnaise or tomato sauce. The best thing in the world to munch on when you are curled up with a book in the rains…

Am shooting this off to Sravs' event - Cooking Concept#2 - Appetizers