Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to get on my 'Rite' side and Product Review of RiteBite Max Protein Bars

It is very easy to flatter me. Really. All you need to do is read my blog and tell me how much you like it. And, for the rest of my life, I will keep telling everyone what a nice person you are. Promise! 

Ok maybe I am not entirely serious (I am serious.) But what I definitely appreciate is people actually reading my blog before sending me mails about product reviews, invites to events, etc. I have ranted about spam mails earlier on this blog, so I will not repeat myself. But I have to express how very gratifying it is when someone mails you regarding a product review after following your blog, reading the kind of posts you write, knowing their products and your blog are a match, and then contacting you. Truly. Its a pleasure that's almost as good as a midnight ice-cream snack!

So coming back to the review at hand, I was approached by Naturell India to review some of their Protein Bars. Now I must admit that the husband and I are actually huge fans of this other brand - Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars. These bars make for great healthy snacks. But I am always on the lookout for newer brands and flavours. So I jumped at the opportunity to try Naturell's Rite Bite Bars.

Now the ones I received were actually Protein bars. And from what I have read on their website, these bars are great after-exercise snacks. I was sent 3 different varieties. And just so that I could gauge the pulse of the public, the Junta ki Awaaz and all that, I took these bars along to office for the girls to taste and give their verdict!

Max Protein Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon - Tangy and crunchy, the bar was decorated with 3 squiggly lines of what looked like lemon flavoured old-fashioned biscuit cream. I actually liked this one the best of the three, but that's coz I am a sucker for mouth-puckering goodies. I am the freak who can eat tamarind (imli) with just salt and chilli powder for a snack. So even though I liked this bar, the lemony flavour isn't really everyone's cup of tea. Some of the girls in office found it too sour and the lemon flavour a little synthetic-tasting.

Max Protein Choco Slim
Choco Slim - The pack says it has Zero added sugar. This bar looks dense but is actually light. Lots of almonds that really add to the flavour. The chocolate is just right and not too over-powering. Can help you chase away chocolate cravings for sure!

Max Protein Choco Fudge
Choco Fudge - Now this one looks like Choco Slim at first sight, but turn it over and you see it's coated thickly with chocolate fudge on the underside. Now this has me flummoxed. Are you telling me Chocolate will actually provide me with nutrition?! That chocolate is healthy? Dude, you are my new best friend, guide, philosopher, dietician... everything! Honestly, this tasted a lot like a good bar of chocolate with some cereal on top. So what's not to like? :P All the girls in office too liked this one the best.

Overall verdict - I don't know if Protein Bars are really my thing. I do not exercise (yes, that's fodder for another post altogether) and I have more of an affinity towards Breakfast Bars or Snack Bars. But these are great for anyone who needs a quick snack. In fact these bars are large enough to be meal replacements! Quite filling and tasty... It's just that psychologically, all that chocolate feels like it can't really be healthy :s

What I would like to try are the Rite Bite Diet Bars - they seems to have some delicious flavours like Apple Cinnamon and Mixed Berry; The Breakfast Bars; and the Rite Bite Smart Nutrition Bar with Ashvagandha. Shankhpushpi and Brahmi which sounds intriguing!

Having tasted the Max Protein Bars now I am confident that I will give the other variants also a try soon. To all you readers I would just like to say - when it comes to nutrition bars, some like them crunchy, some chewy, and some chocolate-y. So give Rite Bite a shot and maybe you will find your kinda bar too... is also offering a 10% Discount coupon to the readers of this blog. So you can now order Rite Bite Nutrition bars and use the code - BLOGREAD413 to avail of the discount. Offer is valid till 30th of April 2013.