Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yoghurt, Dill & Wasabi Dip with "The Descendants"

What happens when Hot meets Sweet?? When Spicy meets Soothing? When Sizzling meets Tranquil? Two things – My Yoghurt, Dill & Wasabi dip; and The Descendants. 

Ok, I know I have done this Film and Food analogy before... but what can I say? Maybe it’s just my thing :) So here I go again...

The Descendants – I loved this movie. Not in a “this is the best film ever made” way, but more in a “what a lovely film” kinda way. So while it may not boast of great cinematic technique or path-breaking content, it did leave me with a warm, fuzzy feeling at the end of it. Now that should definitely count for something. 
Nowadays I often find myself judging movies on the basis of what I was left feeling at the end of the experience... Because there are just too many films with great first halves and boring post intervals, or with patches that are great along with absolutely illogical and atrocious scenes. So saying a simple – I liked it or I hated it becomes so much more difficult.

 But there are certain things that you just love, logic be damned. And “The Descendants” was just one such film. George Clooney’s hotness quotient coupled with those sweet, subtle family moments, the tragic relationship undercurrents countered by the absolutely lovely humour, the teenage angst offset by the mature nuances of a marriage that has seen its ups and downs...

This beautiful movie had just the right mix of emotion, love, humor and drama. Just like this Yoghurt, Dill & Wasabi Dip which is the right combination of creamy, sweet, salty, spicy and pungent!


Hung curd/yoghurt – 1 cup
Fresh Dill (Shepu/Soya) – 2 tbsp
Wasabi – as per taste
Sugar – a pinch

For the hung curd, use about 1 ½ cups of regular, plain yoghurt or curd (I used homemade curd). Just tie up the curds in a muslin cloth or a thin cotton cloth and hang it on a peg or on top of the sink for 4-5 hours. This will drain away all the water and you will be left with about a cupful of creamy, cheesy hung curd. 

Place this hung curd in a large mixing bowl, and add finely chopped dill leaves, the wasabi, sugar and salt. I don’t like large pieces of fresh dill in my mouth, so I usually pulse it in the mixer to a coarse paste. Now whisk this mixture well into a smooth consistency. Transfer into a serving bowl, garnish with a sprig of fresh dill and refrigerate until you serve. 

My dip was a little watery and not as creamy as I would like it to be. But that's because I was too impatient and didn't drain the water out of the curd for long enough. So make sure you give it a few hours at least, or  better yet, leave it overnight.
The way I like it:
I really love Wasabi. Also I think the tube of wasabi paste I own is a diluted version. So I use quite a bit of it. Like a whole teaspoon. Or more. Hehehe... I know! But I love the kick of taste it lends to any dish! Also if you do not find fresh dill (knows as Shepu in Marathi and Soa or Soya in Hindi), then you can use just about any herb of your choice I think – like parsley, basil or even oregano. But fresh is best, not the dried bottled variants.

This dip tastes wonderful with fries, chips, wafers and even kababs or tikkas! Very versatile and the fresh, silky texture of the curd goes wonderfully with the zing of the Wasabi and the herbs.

This recipe is my entry to Priya’s  Big Chutney Chow Down. Do check it out for a treasure trove of dips, chutneys, relishes and the like.