Tuesday, December 13, 2011

McVitie's Cookies Review & a personal message to Spam Mailers

About a month ago, I received a mail from McVitie’s India asking me to help them promote their new viral campaign and their Cookie range via this blog. Now I’m usually wary of such mails ... After all, how can you accept a hamper from someone and then not say nice things??! And promoting a product is not something that should be taken lightly; unless of course you are actually being paid for it. In which case, it becomes totally legit to do and say just about anything to get the brand noticed. But no, I haven’t yet reached a stage where I would get paid to do product and restaurant reviews. Hmm... though that would be a really cool job to have... Sigh. Wishful thinking.

Anyway, I was wary also 'coz I receive many weird, fraudulent mails... which is totally not an indication of how popular I am, rather how foolish some people take me to be. (Yes, I’m talking about you Mr. Ngozi Bwaga – you really think I will send you Rs. 2,00,000/- in the hope that you will transfer your 20 million dollar inheritance to me??! And Mr. Cooke – you think I’m so desperate to get a cookery book published that I will part with my bank details and pay you an advance for your path-breaking modern recipes and cooking techniques?! I mean, you could have at least chosen a more subtle name than Cooke. Maybe then I would have taken your offer a tad seriously...)

So overcoming my naturally suspicious nature, I mailed the McVitie’s representative back saying I cannot write about their cookies until I have tried them personally. Post which, with great trepidation, I sent my residence address for a free McVitie’s hamper. Why trepidation you ask? Well, what if someone was sending me fake mails just to get hold of my address?? Because... because... ok, I admit there is no reason someone would go to such lengths to know where I live. But you never know, right? It could be a stalker in love with my online self!! :P

So yeah, no suspicious looking packages arrived. Just a really nice McVitie’s Cookie hamper :) Now no one asked me to review the cookies really. But considering the fact that I have been gorging on them for the past month, I thought I might as well write down what I think of them!
Before I start with the cookies, here’s a brief background. McVitie’s India is the Indian arm of the British multinational company United Biscuits, the makers of McVitie's Digestives biscuits. McVitie’s Digestives are pegged as the nation's new healthy Teatime biscuit, the brand positioning for the same being ‘Change your habit to a healthy habit’.

McVitie’s has also come up with a funny filmy spoof to promote healthy habits and McVitie’s Digestives - McVitie's Gajhinee Spoof. Do check it out!!

Here are the contents of my Cookie hamper and my review of each of the Cookie lines :

McVitie’s Digestive – Wholewheat Digestives:
Basic info - These are the Digestive biscuits. The pack boasted of the cookies being whole wheat and high in fibre. Also no trans fat, zero cholesterol and no artificial colours or flavours.

Review – Delicious, great texture, tasted just like a good digestive should. I took a pack to office and shared it with some of my colleagues at tea-time. A great accompaniment with my favourite green tea. I would definitely buy these and stock at home instead of my regular biscuits. Liked it way better than the regular Marie biscuits or other digestive varieties.
These are also the Cookies that feature in the Indian McVitie’s ads with Bipasha, with the tag line - ‘Change your habit to a healthy habit’. Well, they sure do taste healthy!

McVitie’s Cookies – Butter Cookies:
Basic info - These are traditional Butter cookies in the same zone as Good day. The pack claims the biscuits are high in calcium, have no trans fat, and melt in the mouth.
Review – Taste good. Definitely buttery and melt in the mouth, and therefore made me feel guilty about eating them :( But honestly, these cookies don’t really stand out. Also they are way too crumbly, and not in a good way. The fine crumbs tend to litter your clothes and desk and stubbornly stick to your face. Messy and not as yummy as another brand I prefer. Sorry McVitie’s! Please don’t send stalker to my home!!

McVitie’s Hobnobs – Oatmeal Cookies:
Basic info – Oatmeal cookies that pack in the goodness of oats, whole wheat and honey. They also boast of no trans fat, zero cholesterol and goodness of natural honey on the pack.
Review – Absolutely scrumptious! Crunchy, flaky, just the right amount of crumbly; and makes you feel like you are eating something healthy :D It has bits of oats that taste wonderful, and the overall flavour is just fantastic. It was my top favourite followed closely by the Digestives. Even as I write about it I’m beginning to crave for a bite :) Yup, that good!

McVitie’s Cream – Orange Cream Cookies:
Basic info – Orange Cream cookies – basically the traditional childhood favourite sandwich biscuits with orange flavoured cream in the middle. They are supposed to be vitamin enriched, have zero cholesterol and no articficial colours.
Review – These cookies are a definite hit with kids of all age groups. The orange cream is nice and not excessively sweet or synthetic in flavour. They are a safe bet for school snack boxes and after-play munching. Not so appealing to adults... But that might just be me. I would never venture near an orange cream biscuit. In my head, it’s too kiddie and I would like to believe that my palate has evolved over the years and outgrown its orange cream phase :D

Overall, a great range of products. The Hobnobs and Digestives are my top recommendations. Must try!
McVitie's Digestive

McVitie's Hobnobs

P.S. – So biscuits are now cookies? All the different varieties of McVities said ‘Cookie’. Not Biscuits. In my head they are still Biscuits. No. Worse... Biskut.